Curated, high quality knitting products and equipment.

Knitting is good for the soul. It's repetitive enough to be mindful, but varied enough to be interesting. The satisfied feeling when finishing a knitted item is unlike any other, whether it's sewing up the seams and having a jumper to wear, or stuffing a toy for a young one to cuddle. 

I was lucky enough to have my Nana teach me the basics of knitting at the age of 7 ("In! Over! Through! Off!") and I've been knitting non-stop for over two decades since. I've personally knitted with or used all of the items on Yours Yarnfully, and I can recommend all of them to new or experienced knitters.

Not everyone's lucky enough to have a Nana to pass on her knitting wisdom. It can hard to get started with any new craft, especially knitting. There's so much equipment to choose from, so many different varieties of yarn and wool, and a lot of seemingly complicated techniques. But knitting doesn't have to be so difficult. At Yours Yarnfully, we're committed to providing you the best equipment, with explanations of how to use each item and the kind of project it would be suitable for. We'll explain to you the different kinds of yarn and whether they're best suited for a jumper, baby bootees, or anything in between. And we'll supplement all these details with tutorials, guides and reviews, so you can knit in confidence.

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Yours Yarnfully was established in Summer 2020.