Hats are one of my favourite things to knit as they are so quick, and this pattern includes a matching scarf for each! Variant 1 is ideal for beginners.


6 variants of both hats and scarves are included in this one pattern, to make a grand total of 12!


As always, you can use any kind of yarn but King Cole is recommended to most closely fit the pattern. These hats and scarves are knitted in a variety of yarn weights and require different amounts as follows:


  • Variant 1: Chunky yarn, 2x100g. This set would look absolutely fabulous in Tonal Chunky, as the simple pattern allows the varigation to really shine though.
  • Variant 2: Chunky yarn again, but this time you'll need 3x100g. The beautiful pattern lends itself more to a plain yarn, like Big Value Chunky
  • Variant 3: DK yarn, 5x100g balls of a main colour and 1x100g ball of a contrasting colour. You could use Comfort, or if you're happy to experiment with other brands, I think Wensleydale DK by West Yorkshire Spinners would suit this style gorgeously. 
  • Variant 4: DK yarn again, 6x100g of a main colour and 1x100g ball of a contrasting colour. I think Light and Mid Blue from the James C Brett DK range would go beautifully together . 
  • Variant 5: Aran this time, 3x100g balls. I highly recommend Caron Simply Soft.
  • Variant 6: Aran again, 4x100g balls. I again would recommend Caron.


Straight needles in sizes 5mm and 6mm are required.


Size: The hats are 55cm (21in) head circumference, but as they're stretchy this measurement doesn't matter too much. The scarves range in length - see the third picture for details.


Photos courtesy King Cole.

King Cole 6 Hats and Scarves (Women's)