The Opal Rainforest 16 range (Regenwald 16) is a wonderfully luxurious, self-patterning 4-ply. It comes in 8 luscious colour schemes, and not only is it wonderful yarn in its own right, a portion of profits is donated to rainforest causes via, with over €230,000 already raised!


  • Die Herzliche (The Warm One): a feminine blend of pinks ranging from pale to deep pink. Inspired by the feathers of the flamingo.
  • Quasselstrippen (The Chatterbox): greens and blues reminiscent of the sky and tree leaves. Inspired by tropical birds.
  • Der Raufbold (The Brawler): a complementary pattern of reds, oranges and blues. Inspired by rainbow fish. 
  • Der Drahtzieher (The Mastermind): an intense blue blend in a range of mid to dark blue. Inspired by blue and black rainforest lizard.
  • Die Fürsorgliche (The Caring One): an awesome camo effect in a vareity of greens and cream. Once knitted into socks, it'll look like you don't even have feet. Inspired by camouflaged butterflies.
  • Die Diva (The Diva, unsurprisingly): deep pinks, purples and blues give this blend a royal effect. Inspired by purple and pink tropical birds.
  • Der Checker (The Checker, also unsurprisingly): an understated combination of greys. Inspired by monkeys and apes.
  • Der Zuhörer (The Listener): a happy citrus blend including yellows, greens, and oranges. Inspired by tropical fish.


At Yours Yarnfully, we recommend this yarn for socks, light clothing including hats, gloves and jumpers, and children's clothes. This is due to its absorbency and durability.

Using this yarn, you can make any project that calls for fingering or sock yarn.

The ideal needle size for this yarn is 2.25mm to 3.25mm. 


The properties of the yarn are as follows:

  • 75% virgin wool (superwash) / 25% polyamide
  • 100g ball (about 465 yards / 425 metres)
  • 4-ply opal sweater and sock wool
  • soft and absorbent
  • durable
  • does not felt
  • does not shrink
  • machine washable at 40 ° C (thanks to Superwash finish)
  • suitable for knitting machines


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Opal Rainforest 4-ply (100g)